Millstone Farm Rental FAQs


Spaces & Capacity

Millstone Farm offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to rent for a fee. Spaces available for rent include but are not limited to the following areas:


Farmhouse & Patio:  50–70 guests

  • Living & Dining Rooms – First floor only.  Guests are not permitted on the upper floors or in the Silo.

  • Both the indoor fireplace and outdoor fire pit are available for use year round.


Farmhouse Lawn: 125 guests

  • The lawn directly outside the Farmhouse is the perfect site for a reception tent with seating for up to 150 guests. 


Horse & Sand Rings*: 125 guests

  • A more isolated location on the farm with space for a tent accommodating up to 150 guests.  *Any event in this location will require renting a kitchen tent with all necessary cooking equipment. 


Various Sites

  • Several locations on the farm are also beautiful ceremony sites and are available on a case-by-case basis. 



  • Due to well restrictions on the farm, restrooms on site are only available for use by parties under 50. 

  • All parties greater than 50 will be required to rent portable bathrooms.  Several options are available in this category, including full service restroom trailers.


Parking & Valet

  • Parking is available on the farm.  Valet services are required for parties over 50 guests. 


Venue Pricing 

Each event is priced on a case-by-case basis, but within the above guidelines. A deposit of 20% is due at time of booking and will be retained by Millstone if event is cancelled within 60 days of the event date.


The fee for every event at Millstone Farm is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Fees are determined by the following, amongst other considerations:

  • Spaces used

  • Type of event

  • Use of farm staff

  • Duration of event

  • Number of attendees


The following fee estimates are based on typical locations and attendance capacities for different types of events at the farm:

  • Outdoor Wedding* (maximum 125 people)

  • Outside house: $3000  - $5000

  • Two locations: $5000 - $7000 (can include outside house, sand ring, field outside sand ring)


Dinners & Private Affairs

  • Inside dinner / maximum people 50: $1500

  • Inside reception / maximum 70 people: $1500

  • Outside* / maximum 125 people: $2500


*All clients with outdoor events must be prepared to rent tents and understand property limitations in inclement weather.


Other Rentals

Indoor Events

  • Millstone offers a limited amount of equipment available for guest use:

    • Large Farmhouse table (seats 14)

      • 14 folding farmhouse style chairs in wood & iron

      • 2 farmhouse style benches in wood & iron (seats 4 max)

    • Small Slate table with Wicker Chairs (seats 6)

    • 4 Bar Stools

    • Fireplace Seating Area (seats 4)

    • Silo seating (seats 6)

    • 1 bathroom on the first floor (only available for events under 50 people)

    • Farmhouse kitchen (sufficient for events of up to 50 guests)

  • All other equipment (tables, chairs, dinnerware, specialty kitchen equipment) will need to be rented from a third party source, which can be arranged by your Event Producer. 


Outdoor Events

  • Outdoor events require more rental equipment.  These are some of the things you should be prepared to rent, all of which your Event Producer can coordinate for you. 

    • Tents (Reception tents and/or Kitchen tents)

    • Bathrooms

    • Glassware

    • Dinnerware

    • Tables & Seating

    • Dance Floors

    • Space Heaters



Parking is available onsite at the farm.  For events of more than 50 people, a valet service is required, which can be arranged by your Event Producer. 


Garbage & Clean Up

For events of more than 70 people, a garbage removal & cleaning service is required at a flat fee of $200. 


Catering & Event Staff

Tim LaBant Catering, LLC. is the preferred caterer of Millstone Farm.  Your Event Producer will work with you on an individualized menu and event details. 


All events require Event Staff to set up, manage, and clean up the event. Your Event Producer will recommend the necessary number of staff members.  Rates per staff member are as follows:                 



Event Manager                  $50/hr

Head Chef                          $50/hr

Chef Asst                            $45/hr

Bartender                           $45/hr

Server                                 $40/hr

Busboy                                $35/hr




*20% Gratuity is included in each event proposal. 

*15% Planning Fee is included in each event proposal – covers all aspects of Event Planning, Coordination and Production.


Guest Information & Rules

  • Guests have access only to the area that is being rented. If the house is being rented, guests have access only to the ground level of the house. No guests should be permitted to use the top floor of the house.

  • Only Event Staff may operate fireplace and fire pit.

  • Guests are not allowed in the garage.

  • All farm items are for display and can be purchased. No items are “favors” for guests to take home unless previously coordinated.

  • In general, guests are not permitted to wander the property and are to remain in the allocated rented event space.

  • Guests must not enter animal enclosures or approach animals.

  • Millstone Farm is a non-smoking property. Guests may only smoke in a designated smoking area agreed upon by Millstone Farm and the Event Producer. Guests may not smoke near garden or animal spaces.

  • Town noise ordinance rules must be followed – no amplified music after 10pm.


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