Thank you for thinking of Tim LaBant Catering

for your event!  We're so thrilled to help. 

Tim LaBant Catering was a natural extension from our restaurant, The Schoolhouse at Cannondale.  Since we began ten years ago, we've catered hundreds of events.  Our work revolves around seasonal, local and perfectly delicious food to make your event simply unforgettable.   To make things even easier, we offer turn-key event planning services and will take care of absolutely all of the details for you.  Our staff is experienced, professional and fully prepared to make your vision a reality.

Menu Pricing

cocktail hour — $35pp

includes your choice of 5 passed hors d’oeuvres 

farmer's market cheese and charcuterie

additional station — $10pp

we love creating custom stations-
let us know what you’re dreaming of!

dinner — $65pp

seasonal dinner menu in all forms-

buffet, family- style, plated + small plates

dessert bar — $18/pp + up

we love a good dessert bar! we offer a variety of smaller sweets perfect for choosing a la carte in addition to a wedding cake or in lieu of. coffee, tea + choice of 3 desserts are included. can add or subtract items as needed . 

Bar Pricing

*based on 5 hours of consumption

basic bar — $36pp*

includes beer, wine, prosecco, soft drinks, garnishes + ice.

basic bar plus — $45pp*
includes 2 specialty cocktails, beer, wine, prosecco, soft drinks,

garnishes + ice.

full bar — $55pp*

includes premium curated liquors, wine, beer, prosecco, specialty mixers for cocktails, soft drinks, garnishes + ice.

mixers only — $12pp

specialty mixers for cocktails, soft drinks, garnishes + ice.

liquor liability + pouring fee — $500

if providing your own liquor but using our bartenders

Other Charges

*custom menus, signage and calligraphy 

*extended event planning with full weekend services

vendor meals — $45pp


tax - CT 6.35%, NY 8.875%

gratuity— 20% of food


Crostini Bar – tapenades, pickled vegetables, ricotta, fresh burrata, honey, pâtés, herbs, olives and charcuterie

Raw Bar  - Oysters, Clams and Shrimp with interesting dips and sauces


Tater Tot Waffle Bar

Small Plates - many of the hors d’oeuvres or dinner items can be done as small plates!

Late Night Food – think sliders, cheesefries and mini chicken and waffles!

Sample Menu


*Please keep in mind that availability of these menu items is seasonal. 


Mini fish taco with salsa verde and feta, paired with a mini margarita

Tomato soup shot (or gazpacho) with mini grilled cheese

Hash brown coin topped with smoked salmon, crème fraiche and caviar

Lamb meatball with alfredo angelhair twist

Watermelon, cucumber, mint and Kalamata olive skewer

Mini cheeseburger sliders

Pork belly slider with pickled slaw and maple mustard

Beef carpaccio and green bean bundles with pink sea salt and lemon zest

Vietnamese summer rolls with spicy peanut dipping sauce

Ricotta, honey and pistachio crostini

Steamed buns with duck confit and hoisin sauce

Mini chicken and waffles with maple syrup

Moroccan spiced popcorn served in cones



Maple crème brûlée with cinnamon caramel sauce, a ginger cookie and orange sorbet


Chocolate soufflé with toffee sauce and crème fraîche ice cream


Apple tart tatin with house-made apple butter, sage and cider-buttermilk sorbet


Gingerbread with maple poached pear, cranberries and cinnamon ice cream


Ricotta fritters with powdered sugar served in a bamboo cone


Homemade shortbread biscuits with fresh strawberries and vanilla bean whipped cream

Lavender panna cotta with earl grey short bread cookies



Heirloom tomato salad with fresh basil, burrata, lemon zest and chamomile vinaigrette


Beet salad with local greens, roasted fennel, goat cheese and warm croutons

Salad of cherries, tarragon, local fennel, radish and baby greens             


Fresh burrata, apricots, pecans and arugula with a lemon vinaigrette


Heritage squash soup with curry, crème fraiche and a fried roulette pepper


Zucchini fritters with harissa and queso fresco


Roasted baby carrots with Tuscan kale, baby beets, sunflower seeds and yogurt yuzu dressing


All natural short rib with creamy parmesan polenta, crispy brussel sprout leaves and apple bacon jam


Bronzini with artichoke, beet quinoa, napa cabbage and dashi mushroom broth


Sauteed Halibut with leeks, crenshaw melon, wax beans and saffron risotto


Truffled giannone chicken with roasted rainbow maple glazed carrots, grilled corn and zucchini succotash


Charred eggplant with chili, tahini and a soft egg


Painted Hills filet mignon with confit fingerling potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, kale and roasted asparagus


Copper Ridge beef tenderloin with spring pea risotto, hen of the woods mushrooms and edible blossoms



We would love to get you some information as soon as possible!

Reach out to and use this pricing as a guideline.  Let us know if you have a venue or need help finding one and what date you are hoping to book.  We will do the rest!


Stop by our restaurant, The Schoolhouse at Cannondale, and you'll get the perfect idea of what we are all about.  

Why Choose Tim LaBant Catering & Events for Your Wedding Catering Service

Food preparation is the central aspect of any successful event. If you’re shopping for Wedding Catering Services in Fairfield County, then be sure to keep the following considerations in mind.
Food preparation

The last thing you want is for your guests to remember your wedding for the awful-tasting meal they had. You want everything to be perfect, including the meals. At Tim LaBant Catering, we understand that. That’s why we provide you with carefully and meticulously-prepared meals. With an eye towards elegance, class and delicious food, we can provide you with custom plans to make sure you get exactly what you want.


You’ll want to hire a team with years of experience in Wedding Catering in Fairfield County. That’s why companies like Tim LaBant make for a sound option. Our team is familiar with the best spots and venues in the region. We can help you browse through options that hit the mark for you. We have the network, know-how, and resources to guide you towards venues that are perfect for your vision and the ambiance you want for your wedding day.

Meal selections

We offer several menu options you can choose from. Talk to us about what you want so we can make arrangements that may suit you better. With a team of experts in Catering Services in Fairfield County, you won’t have to worry about the taste and quality of the food that will be served to your guests. You can just be certain of one thing: they’ll find it irresistible.


Not everyone can plan an event. It takes a lot of organizational power and attention to details. Our event planning team has these qualities in spades. If you're looking for Local Catering Services in Fairfield County, you can count on our crew. With a high standard of professionalism and a record for trustworthy service, we provide you with catering attendants who are nothing but professional, polite and ideal to help you and your guests enjoy every minute of your special day.

Get help

At Tim LaBant Catering & Events, we know how to provide you and your guests with food you won’t soon forget. If the goal is to make your wedding day even more special, then you need our services. Be sure to book us in advance so we can block out our calendar and dedicate ourselves to your special day.

Ready to talk us? Call us today.

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